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I love that you are dirty for me,

and I really want you to have a good time!

I will be jealous, but that's the thrill!
Especially if you want his cum

and especially when you orgasm because of another man.

I know I'm weird...

... but you are here, which means that I am not too weird

and will soon experience how it is to watch my wife

having sex with a stranger!

I promise, that nothing will change between us.
Sex is sex and I am very grateful for you being so willing

to test your limits for me and with me.

After you made him cum and you hopefully also had your fun

it will be my turn.

Regardless of what you chose to do with him,

if you sucked his cock,

if you fucked him long and hard,

if you're filled with his cum,

or covered by it...


I want you fuck you and reclaim what is mine!
Your ass, your mouth, your pussy and your mind.

We'll have great sex and all be pleased and satisfied.

After that we will take a shower and the moment

his cum is washed off your body, the adventure is over.

Once we're out of the shower you will immediately be

my beautiful princess unicorn again

and nothing will change with the exception of a

really hot memory we made together.

And finally just some last details here...

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