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This is where you start. If you land on this field later in the game you have to spin the wheel

Choose a porn movie of the respective category. Once the movie ends you pick another one of the same category until the category is changed
There is an arrow pointing out of the category field: Continue here

Same as above with the only difference, that you can choose one of the two categories available

The other player has to take off one item

Activated once the other player is naked.

One minute of oral sex for the other player

You have to drop one slice

This is a one-way!

Take a good sip of your drink

Pleasure your partner for manually for 1 minute

Have your partner pose for a picture of your choice

Go straight to SPIN in the middle

The goal is to collect all six slices to win!
You have to roll the exact number and land on the field in order to collect a slice.
Passing does not count.

You can only start to collect slices, once the other player is naked.

The game continues after the first player collected all six and goes on until player two has

all six slices too.

If you manage to collect another full set before the other player completed his first set, you get a spin on the Spontaneous Relief Wheel whenever you want !

After both players collected all slices you are allowed to fuck.
If the wheel of cum was activated the cumshot at the end is determined by it.

3 Whore Tokens at the end of the game:
Sarah has one month to make another man cum. Handjob, sucking his dick, or fucking him 

with Sebastian watching or video taping it.

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