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I want an adventure...

I hope it's okay that I am being demanding and tell you what I want...
I just really want something sexually exciting for happen for us.
I am not saying that I am unhappy, or can't live without, but

I just wanted to take the initiative and see where that goes.

I know it's complicated with the tiny, but it will be for a while longer, which means

there will be no sex partys in the near future and even when that is possible again, we won't be able to get drunk, take XTC and let High-Sarah off the leash to play and be dirty.

So here are some more realistic ideas for a sex adventure, that don't require a sex party.
Things that don't need a whole night and can be done with two or three hours of babysitter time :)

I think something like that would bring a lot of excitement back into our relationship 

Just as an idea...

Get your satisfyer, masturbate a little and then scroll down when you're in the mood ... 

Untitled ‑ Made with FlexClip.gif

We get ourselves a cam-girl, let her turn us on and let her watch how we fuck. Like live-porn with an additional kick of being seen.
Text me: CAM

hotwife car handjob.gif

Probably the sluttiest of my ideas, but it definitely would be exciting. We arrange a parking lot date for you to jerk a guy off or blow him through the car window. Quick n dirty. You get his cum and we immediately go home and have fun...
Klick here

Password: Iwantcock


None of the options are something

you wanna do anytime soon.

Text me: NOPE

We invite a girl home to watch and film us having sex. That would be a massive turn on for me, but I'd promise that I won't play with her. She's just there to watch and film!
Text me: FILM


The most time demanding option, but we could have a date in the Stundenhotel.

I just wanted to add this option in case you rather would like to fuck a guy than jerk him off or give a blowjob... I'd love to make out with you while another man is deep inside of you...
Klick here

Password: Iwantcock


We invite a couple over. We have some fun next to each other and watch, or you play with the girl?!
And if you're getting in the mood I am more than happy to watch you enjoy his cock too...

Text me: COUPLE

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