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Sex Party Game

Your task:

You have 30 Minutes to earn 5 points...

You can't use the same action twice on the same person.

pussy fingered.gif

If you fail:

I roll a dice. The number shown determines how many guys you have to make cum.

You roll a dice. The number shown determines how many men you can bring to an orgasm any way you like.
All others are allowed to fuck you!

If your roll is higher than my roll you can substract one from my roll.

If I roll 1 and you roll at least 2



I roll a 4

You roll a 3

You have to make 4 guys cum. Three of them you can jerk or suck off, but at least one has to be fucked.

I roll a 5
You roll a 6
You rolled higher than I did, so you substract one.
You will have to make 4 guys cum and you can choose for all four of them how.

I roll a 6
You roll a 1
You will have to finish 6 guys and only one of them you can get off with your mouth or hand. 5 guys will fuck you!

I roll a 1

You roll a 2

You don't have to satisfy any men today, but stay naked for at least one hour

I roll a 3
You roll a 3


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